June holidays in Sardinia

“The strongest governments on earth can not clean up pollution by themselves. They must rely on each ordinary person, like you and me, on our choices, and on our will.”

— Chai Jing, journalist & environmental activist

This post is supposed to show something more than the turquoise sea in Italy… It is not another perfect “Instagram” gallery…

I want to draw attention to all the plastic that surrounds us, on a scale of rubbish contamination of the natural environment.

Take a closer look at Sardinia….

Sardynia i smiecie 1.JPG
                       Costa Smeralda, Spiaggia del Romazzino

Beautiful Sardinia, amazing landscape, great food, friendly, smiling people and  tons of plastic….

I’m very surprised how lying and swimming between the garbage doesn’t bother almost anybody.

Sardynia i smiecie
Costa Smeralda, Spiaggia del Romazzino
Sardynia i smiecie 2.JPG
plastic  one more time
Sardynia i smiecie 3.JPG
pieces of plastic in the water were something quite normal on almost every beach …
Sardynia i smiecie 4.JPG
Spiaggia di Mugoni
Sardynia i smiecie 5.JPG
Spiaggia di Mugoni
Sardynia i smiecie 8 Porto Pino
Porto Pino…. after small walk, my bag filled up nicely
Sardynia i smiecie 9 Porto Pino
Porto Pino
Sardynia i smiecie 10 Porto Pino
Porto Pino…… “it’s just one straw, said 8 billion people”
Sardynia i smiecie 9 Orosei.jpg
Sardynia i smiecie 11
everyday I collected some plastic in Sardinia, from the streets, fields, roads, beaches, water… We can all make a difference, we can all help a little 🙂
Sardynia i smiecie 12
 Isola Rosssa Spiaggia, within 5 minutes…..just around….

Sardinia plastic pollution west coast.JPG