A few words for the first day of Winter, upcoming Christmas and no occasion :)

“Please, just let love in. Tell people how you feel, and do not worry about being too much. Let people show up for you. Let people remind you that there is goodness in this world. Be vulnerable, do not be afraid of what you feel. Try to find the beauty in each breakdown, try to move forward and let go; try and learn and believe in new beginnings despite what you have been through. Kiss the faces of your friends, hug their broken pieces back together, laugh loudly and be gentle with yourself, be gentle with your healing. Connect, connect, connect – with every ounce of who you are, with every inch of your patchwork heart . Connect with the people who make you feel deeply. Connect with the moments that bring tears to your eyes. Connect with the things that make your hands shake, embrace the things that make you aware of just how lucky you are to be alive. Please, just connect – because beautiful things are vanishing each & every day. Don’t let your heart become one of them.” — Bianca Sparacino