Problem without borders

Plastic pollution is an international and global problem. It is far away and just under your feet. Look around, when you are on the way to your car, when you go for a bus, for shopping, when you walk with your kids and friends, everywhere you are, you are surrounded by garbage. Do you pick litter up on the streets, in the parks, along water front?


Nature needs your help, plastic doesn’t go away, it’s stays for hundreds of years and it’s a poison and kills.

Recently I’ve discovered new App via Instagram and is already in use. I pick litter up and support pro environmental project 🙂 .

GLOBAL 2000 LitterBug

“Littering is a global challenge. In particular, plastic has become an omnipresent threat, not only to our oceans but to nature in general.. But how much litter is out there in our nature? This question was the driver for developing the GLOBAL 2000 LitterBug App. To answer it we need YOUR help!

Download LitterBug App now”

Can you help as well?