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“What is it like to survive a shark attack? Is it true that some governments use tax dollars money to exterminate sharks? Where and when do shark bites most often occur? How can we protect ourselves while surfing in the home of these apex predators? Provocative and raw, Shark Stories shares the reality of the ones who can’t speak for themselves. 

Join Madison Stewart, award-winning shark conservationist and passionate filmmaker as she explores sharks related topics with world-renowned scientists, fellow shark conservationists and ocean advocates. Learn more about sharks, how to better co-exist with them and how you can impact the ending of their story.” – description from Castbox.

The Meg Shark Stories

The one shark we all wish was still with us… well, maybe not all of u: The Megalodon. The only thing left of this revered species is its fossilized teeth, which scientists use to measure its total length… It's been the subject of horror films and conspiracy theories but the evidence of its disappearance is perhaps the scariest thing of all. Using advanced scientific methods, we are able to estimate how they hunted, what they hunted, their evolution based on their teeth alone, and even what they looked like. This episode offers an insight into the largest shark to have ever lived, the Megalodon shark.Follow Jack Cooper, PH Student ON TwitterFollow Me On IGFollow Project Hiuwww.projecthiu.comGot a sponsorship or collaboration offer? Send it here: sharkstoriespodcast@gmail.comCover Art by photographer Tanner MansellSupport the show
  1. The Meg
  2. Shark First Aid
  3. Slavery At Sea
  4. The Cyborg
  5. Mark The Shark

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